Monday, March 21, 2016

Losing our parents

We are losing our parents
We are becoming orphans
Gray haired orphans
Pretending to be strong
As they once did

They are leaving us behind
One by one
They are betraying their promises
They are abandoning us
As they've never done before

We are alone
In the dark, we find ourselves 
And we want to call them out:
"Stay a little longer!"
"Hold my hand once more!"
"Make the bad dreams go away!" 

We feel the lines crawling on our faces
One for each disappointment, each frustration
One for every loss, every dream that is no more
They have carved sulks in our faces 
They have changed our smiles

We let out a few tears
When what we truly want is to scream
To despair, 
To fall apart

Yet, we don't
We won't
We hold on

We are the parents of our children 
We are the parents of our parents
We are our parents
We pretend to be strong

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