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O que eu quero do ano novo? / What do I want for myself in the new year?

O que eu quero do ano novo? 
Quero clareza de espírito, quero a leveza da alma, quero o conciliar das dúvidas, das incertezas. Quero o coração calmo. Quero ser eu mesma, quero olhar para dentro e saber quem eu sou, a cada instante. Quero caminhar firme, quero acreditar que sigo o rumo que devo seguir. Quero confiar no universo, em mim. Quero luz, quero paixão  quero amor, quero aconchego e colo amigo. Quero me dar colo e dizer para mim que tudo vai ficar bem. Quero harmonia, saúde, equilíbrio, paz! Quero para mim e quero para você também! Feliz ano novo! 
What do I want for myself in the new year? 
I want clarity of the espirit, lightness of the soul. I want the reconciliation of doubts, of uncertainties. I want a calm heart. I want to be myself, I want to look inside and know who I am, at every instant. I want to walk firmly, I want to believe that I'm following the path I'm supposed to walk. I want to trust the Universe, myself. I want light, I want passion, I want love. I want…


Saber onde começou Lembrar o que principiou A gente sabe A gente lembra
Sem a menor ideia  de onde vai parar A gente sente Sem saber sequer  se quer que pare
Segue a espiral Seguimos nós Voltas rodopiantes Um aparente mesmo lugar Que não é o mesmo Não somos os mesmos
Subimos a espiral Passamos pelos mesmos pontos As mesmas perguntas Diferentes respostas  A espiral gira, sobe, continua Mas não sabemos Nunca adivinhamos Onde vai parar

A leaf

What a relief!In the end What's left Is a leaf

A way to Paradise

We surrender
We submit 
To the energy of life  The electrical current Running through Head to toes
We feel  Both The urgency The burning 
of the bodies The bliss  of the souls 
Meeting At another dimension No good, no evil  Satisfied Suspended
Us  Finding our way  to Paradise

Soap Bubble

Always a soap bubble  All floating dreams' colors   In a perfect round transparency There's an unopened window  in every soap bubble 
Away it floats the bubble Thinner and thinner it gets Every passing nanosecond  Vanishing in the air Until pop goes the bubble And  pop goes me

When the little things did not light up my day

I walk every day the same path to work. What makes it different are the little things I see along the way, leaves and flowers fallen off trees, diligent ants, bits and pieces of things someone dropped unknowingly. I take photographs of these things I find and they become distorted versions of themselves, different lights, shapes, hues.  A sort of magic operates on them. The little things become great. 
Today, I could not find beauty in the little things along the path I walk everyday. Today, they did not manage to catch my eye, to uplift my spirit. They were there and I'm not saying I didn't see them. I did, but they did not glow, they did not stand out. Maybe it's because I see my country in a difficult situation, politicians and their dirty alliances preventing lives to grow into their full splendor. The stealing of public money, the closing of schools, of libraries, the threat to democratic institutions. People defending their own needs not thinking they can never surv…

Brief ponderation on time

There is never time. There are children, laughing, running, getting their knees scratched, crying. There are bills to pay, news to watch and things to say while we take big bites of beef and fries. Things started and not finished, sentences left incomplete. And their incompleteness hovers above my head and haunts me and wakes me up from my counted hours of sleep and I pick a pen and a piece of paper on the nightstand, and I pick up the IPad at the grocery's line, or a napkin at the ice cream parlor and I fill in the blanks with the words of our dreams with the delicacy of the love that once was and I continue the writing of the bits of our lives. I pick them up where we left them and I choose the words that will keep them infinite.

Anywhere, anyone

Sometimes you'd like To be anywhere elseBut where you are
You wish  You were Anyone else  But who you are
Roots  Hold you down Choices  Tie you up  Immobility, The only option
Life runs a river Life flows steadily Quick I t moves  What's on the way It takes 
By the river You stand  You watch it You can't find yourself
You're there You're not there You're gone