Friday, January 27, 2017


I once dated a werewolf           

Eyes like flashlights          

showing the path

I once walked the path

I found lost words

I found lost pain

I once threw my car from a bridge

In the highest speed

When street lights seemed like flying arrows

and the water from the lake was a dark brick wall

I once threw stones at the windows of the moon

and sailed a boat of stardust in a lightless night

I crossed the borders in disguise

and spoke a million tongues

I now decided to forget

I once danced with a king

on top of the highest tower

No one ever saw the king

No one, but me

I once was a speck of dust

I once was a grain of sand

I was part of a hurricane

And I landed on another land

I once dreamt new dreams

and wrote them on napkins

I once wrote poems on spaceships

and lies on  pages of ancient books

no one ever read

I once took a look

I once took a pick

I once took a bite

It did not do the trick   

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