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Message to a longing soul

Learn to deal with your own boredom. You are not allowed in the playground anymore. You've grown up! Your legs don't fit inside the toys and the rides are no longer as exciting. Deal with your tedious moments. Struggle not to fall into old habits, not to fall for deceptively easy temptations. Focus on your movement, the deep diving into your soul, into your needs and dreams. Take time into your hands. Use it well! Stare at the skies, the stars, but also the dark intervals between them, the trees, the leaves, dead, alive, their hues, their importance in the scheme of Nature. 
Do not underestimate the importance of what is dead, or dying, but do not let it consume you. Appreciate life, beginning to end! Take pauses, when you need. Do not impose a different pace then your heartbeats'.  Daydream, because you must. Make plans! Hope! Remember who you are! Be there, with you, each step of the way. Find out what you're not. 
Submerge your amphibious self, feed from the peace you…

Your choice

You feel, but not too much
You live, but only as far You give up before you start You never know where to go You never know who you are
You have feelings you don't share You feel weaker when out there You pretend when you don't  And you fake when you care 
You don't understand the strength  Of simply being there naked, vulnerable, frail    The joy of surrendering  To the force that uncovers each veil
Life's the diligent maintenance of ambiguity Life's the never ending boredom of continuity No risk, no leap, no chance You enjoy your loneliness
And it's your choice  To be there
It's your choice  To be drowning In your own emptiness

A Rhyme and a Kiss

If there was time for a rhyme There'd be time for a kiss There'd be time for a story There'd be time for a smile 
If there was time to find a rhyme There'd be time for the story of a kiss  A kiss that's never happened A smile  to follow that kiss 
There'd be time  for the story of the smile  Rhyming with the bliss  In the kiss no one's seen The bliss that's never been