Thursday, January 26, 2017


Would you help me if I stopped breathing? You don't care if I live or die, do you? Bring me water, Read me a story! Hire someone to help. Do you think she will die on the operating table? Have you thought of what to do? What will you say to the kids? Would you stay a little longer? Would you hold my hand? Who is the teacher? What are the strategies? Can I get a discount? Did you answer the messages? Did you pay the bills? Did you lock the doors, roll up the windows of the car parked outside? Did you think about that project? And 'bout the prospect of never really being what you intended to be? Did you think about that? Do you worry that more friends of yours may die? Are you afraid you won't be there? Do you text your friends in the morning to secretly check if they are alive? Are you afraid you won't hear her if she actually stops breathing in the middle of the night? Have you dried out? Will you have dementia? Will you know your name? Did you live a happy life? Why are you so afraid? Do you think you're  overweight? Do you think you're over it? Do you feel you're  overwhelmed? Do you think you're over? 

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