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For the right to obsess

A word
The right word
Not the right word Read it! Hear it! Feel it! Go back to it! Change it! There!  No!  Read it! Hear it! Feel it! Go back again! 

A face Look at it! Admire it! Close your eyes! See it again! The lines  The colors  The hues  Open your eyes! Walk away!  Live! It comes back!  The face The colors The lines The hues

A thought  Ponder! Reflect! Go to sleep! Wake up! At 3:28 The thought  Insist! Meditate! The thought  The sun  The morning  The thought
A feeling Two sided Love  Hatred A pendulum Feel one! Feel the other! Feed on one! Or the other! Direct it! Outwards Inwards Consume it!  Be consumed! A feeling  Two sided

The Restless Mind, The Unquiet Soul

She was an unquiet soul He had a restless mind She jumped off cliffs, diving into dark waters  He looked at the world,  through the window,  gazing at the stars. 
She longed  for the speed of the light He ran  as fast as he could And went back  to where it started
She dared. Still, she carried  the weight of the world And she cared
He was calm  as the waters of a lake,  yet violent  as the tempests  in open waters
She shared  the brightness  of the stars  and the darkness  of the night
They may have been the perfect match But, they've never met,  they've never touched The restless mind,  The unquiet soul

Significant questions

When the story ends
What lies beyond the final stop?
When the last page is turned,  The book finally closed, What remains in the heart? What will conduct the soul?  What will light up its way? 
When love is through with it all Does it pack its bags and go? Does it catch a midnight train And never looks back again?  Does it change into new form? Does it acquire new shape?

Filled with tenderness and compassion, Does it linger?  Does it stay?  What was once is never more?  Or does it find other ways?


I don’t want to destroy anything All the delicate beauty Constructed with heart and soul
I don’t want to destroy anything The dreams of once The fireflies in the garden The children running free
I don’t want to destroy anything Yet the clock is ticking And the Unabomber in me Walks back and forth The apparatus soon to explode


"If not now then when"
said the t-shirt bought in the department store
If not now... But now was walking in circles Now was swimming against the tide Now was suspended
If not now... But now was moments of pleasure Hours of frustration Drops of love Rivers of hopelessness
If there would not be now If there would not be there There would not be Not be

A Princesa e O Ogro

Era uma vez, há muito tempo, um reino que era sempre quente e ensolarado. Nesse reino, vivia uma princesa que não era apenas bonita, mas também muito inteligente. No mesmo reino, vivia um ogro. Ele morava, como muitos outros ogros, trolls e outras estranhas criaturas de contos de fadas, em uma caverna. Da sua caverna, ele vigiava uma ponte. De um lado da ponte, ficava a bela e ensolarada área do reino. Do lado da ponte do Ogro, tudo era frio e sombrio. Quando o ogro olhava para a ponte,  podia ver o lado ensolarado de tudo, mas ele nunca atravessava essa ponte. Era suficiente para ele contemplar as flores brotando à distância; as crianças nadando no lago em volta do castelo; e os amantes caminhando de mãos dadas, as mulheres em seus vestidos leves e coloridos, os homens com seus ternos de linho e chapéus. Ele, o Ogro, é claro, imaginava como seria passear com um ser amado como eles faziam, mas para fazer isso, teria que desistir do seu poder e seu poder era a coisa que o Ogro mais gost…

The fairy with the heavy heart

A strange creature he was. He talked in rhymes, some clear as water, some the obscure product of his conflicted mind. At times, sweet and kind, he would come at night and caress her skin softly while she dreamed. She would wake up feeling luminous and strong. She would spread her illuminated blue fairy wings and fly high. On days like those, her senses were heightened, she could see the brightest colors, she could hear the faintest sounds, she could feel all the love in the world and heal all the sadness surrounding her.
 She would feel reassured of his love and kindness of heart and would look for him in his underground dwelling. She had been there many times, even before he lived there, because, even though she was a fairy, she had a darkness of her own. As a fairy, though, she had learned to hid it behind a smile. "Not to scare the little kids", she'd justify to herself. She'd go see him and listen to his rhymes and riddles. Encouraged by his night tenderness, by t…

On finding out a spider had my name

After having heard my name, the little girl told me they once had found a spider at home  and had named it Lorena. "What an annoying girl!", I thought. Nevertheless, the unpleasant, unasked for, piece of information made me wonder. Why would it make me so upset to have my name used to name such a creature? "Better than a dog", my own second thought surprised me! Still, the feeling resonated the truth in me. 
Realizing the risk of finding myself hated by all the dog loving community of the world, I feel I may need to clarify that I don't dislike dogs in particular. I must admit, however, to finding  no great connection between myself and them. A dog is a symbol of domesticity, of joyful existence in submission to other's designs, the creature on which one projects one's, at times, selfish and arrogant self, with no concern for rejection, but the actual expectation of forever unconditional love. 
 I came to the conclusion then that I'd really rather fin…

Let me

No role model No good girl No angel
Don’t label me Steer all hopes away from me Let me be
Let me be Dark Mean Selfish
Let me feel envy anger lust
Don’t label me No saint No prude No example
Let me be The dark night The absence of light
Let me belong to the disturbed The fallen angels The restless lonely souls Let me


Busco socorro na músicaNão acalma Desisto Volto ainda A dor fica 
A música vai Mas retorna Companhia de outros desmazelados Solitários Isolados Em inglês,  Misfits
Fico eu Meu pé na terra  a cabeça no céu Esse pé cá, o outro lá O coração expandido  Infinitas línguas dessa minha Babel O mundo inteiro roda Dentro Da minha cabeça
Indelicado mundo  Violento Covarde Afaste-se, ordena o mundo Sofro  Minha frágil dor Caminho só Misfit
Meu nó na garganta A música não desata Nem afrouxa Mas do caos em mim, Do caminho trilhado,  Em sua inútil poderosacompanhia  Há de brotar luz e som Há de nascer vida

The Princess and the Ogre

Once upon a time, there was a realm where it was always warm and sunny. There lived a Princess who was not only pretty, but also very smart. In that very same realm lived an ogre. He lived, as many other ogres, trolls, and fairy tale strange creatures, in a cave. From his cave, he guarded a bridge. On one side of the bridge, laid the beautiful sunny part of the realm where the Princess lived. On the Ogre’s side of the bridge, everything was cold and gloomy. 
When the Ogre looked at the bridge, he could see the sunny side of it all, but he never crossed that bridge. It was enough for him to contemplate the flowers blooming from a distance; the children swimming in the lake surrounding the castle; and the lovers walking hand in hand, the women in their colorful light  dresses, men wearing elegant linen suits and hats. He, the Ogre, of course, wondered how it would feel to stroll around with a loved one like they did, but to do that he would have to surrender and his power was the thing t…