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When I had faith

When I had faith I contemplated the stars with dreamy eyes.
I waited weeks for a letter that would save my life or kill me instantly. 
I believed in love songs and wedding gowns. 
I went to the theater and watched movies as messages sent from the Gods. 

When I had faith I believed pregnancies bore no pain. 
I believed in doctors and medicine. I believed babies never died and mothers were always alive. 
I believed in Justice, not men's justice, but God's. 
The first, I truly never believed. 
I believed good poetry could come out of sunshine, flowers and blue skies. 
I believed you always knew why and when you lied. 
I believed in moonlight. 
I believed in rhyme, when I had faith. 
Now, most of it is ever gone. 
Most of it is lost in time. 
But the rhyme, the stars, the love songs, the Sun, the sky. 
Well, perhaps, just perhaps, I still might.

Little message from the presumptuous soul

Because by looking  at you I made you more beautiful.
You did not know who you were before you saw me. 
The light you shine now emanates from the love I once felt for you, 
a star long dead gleam traveling through the universe. 
You might walk around without me, 
But I'm there. 

In the proud stroll, in the intense stare, 
In the careless movement of head and hands, 
In the shaping of a smile, 
In the sound of  laughter and in passionate cries, 
I'm there. 
You might forget, so I'm telling you! 
I am there! 

Mãos dadas

Mãos dadas
Luz de fim de tarde
Ressaca de clube
de jogos
de risos

Corpos preguiçosos
queimados de sol
cheirando a banho tomado
nas ruas
sem rumo

A música
A música

O desejo
O beijo
A língua
O arrepio
Jovens corpos

O calor
A casquinha
O sorvete
O prazer
A juventude
O crescer

E as mãos?
As mãos
Que são

The wound

Thoughts hurt
Writing cuts the skin deep Let it bleed  Run through the paper Drip its drops of dos and don'ts
A scar stays
Too new Too recent Too soon 
A sharp movement will burst the wound Fill the world  With words of sorrow Flood the world With cries of pain


Eyes embraced When feeble were words Eyes were deep
A turbulent ocean  Sucked me deep  Eyes that caressed Eyes that undressed


Shy eyes
Furtive looks Yet, deep intimacy Stay on  Shy eyes Stay on


Wide open
Capturing movement
Seeing silence and sound
immeasurable danger
in the blink of an eye