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To the Fairy with the Heavy Heart

Dear Fairy with the Heavy Heart,
I had you on my mind today. You and your sad eyes, your disappointments and your shattered fairy dreams. The lightness of your wings wasted due to this burden you still carry in your heart. How are you, dear Fairy? Hope you have found some new dreams, hope you have seen different lights and colors, hope you are still aiming to fly high. 
Today, sweet Fairy, I found a gift for you. Gifts, dear Fairy, do not solve all our troubles, do not save us from darkness. But some gifts when they are meant to be ours can bring joy, can bring the hope of joy. I'm sure you know this, dear Fairy, 'cause fairies, even the ones with the heavy hearts do know of love and gifts.  Aren't the fairies the ones bringing princesses the gifts of beauty, love and grace? 
I found a gift for you, dear Fairy. I found it while I walked to work today, while I thought of unpaid bills and unfinished projects. It was there among the little things scattered along the way. The…

Vestido de Fada (Para minhas meninas)

De branca flor rosada
faz-se uma saia de fada
Pequenas pétalas
Seriam nada
Mas para a fada
Até os pés
Toda rodada

Verde tomara que caia
Cor de caule
Não, não caia!
Para a fada,
de flor, a longa saia

Seria nada
Não fosse a fada
Seria nada
Não fosse o sonho

Sapatos de luar
Para a fada
Brilho de Estrela
Nos cachos revoltos
De fada animada
Luz de Sol
no olhar da fada

Dança, Fada!
Abre os braços
Solta o corpo
Em seu lindo vestido de flor

It's ok to be in pieces! (The words to go with the image)

"It's ok to be in pieces!", I told myself today. It's ok to be in pieces as long as you still have a core. As long as there is still a thread connecting the fragments of you. It doesn't even have to be a thick thread, you know? Any thread will do. 
A while ago,  I saw a quote by Emma Watson, the young Harry Potter's Hermione, and she was saying that she finally knew who she was. "Wow!", I thought at first, "She's so young and already knows who she is! I'm 43 and I have no idea!" That quote haunted me for a while. It remained in the back of my mind.  It made me look back at the paths I've walked, the crossroads and corners I've stood at, contemplating traffic, speeding up or slowing down, the steep roads I had to struggle to run, or drag myself through, and the many moments I've remained there, contemplating green and red traffic lights, simply refusing to budge. 
I remembered sometimes too when I really knew who I was.…