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The Turn

Once she had fallen on that turn. She was riding a moped. The boys from school had somehow messed it up. They had removed the pipe and the gas just didn’t pass through. She tried to turn the bike on a couple times, aware that there had been a sort of sabotage. Very irritated, she kept an exterior calmness, while the boy approached and showed her in five seconds what the problem was. She thanked him and left. “What a stupid way to flirt!” She proceeded with her afternoon ride, good school times, the wind on her face, the postponed obligations, dinner waiting on the table, all the time in the world… The moped failed a couple times, she had to break it and speed it up at the same time to keep it going. In one of these attempts, on the curve, she skidded! The moped slipped to one side while she slid to the other in a 45-degree angle. She stood up, covered by the red dirt of Brasília, bruised, hurt. She picked up the moped and carried it, limping, to the last house of the street.

She was not a girl anymore. She had her own responsibilities, work, bills, problems… She went down the slope that led to the turn, driving not the moped anymore, but the car purchased in her first job. A silent afternoon, she drove calmly, the only car on the road. She was approaching the turn when she saw them, fallen, three bodies, a man, a woman and a girl, all black. The abundant hair, dark and curly, speckled with the red dirt, the woman’s and the girl’s white cotton dresses with little red flowers on them. The man wore khaki pants, rolled up on the calves like a fisherman’s and a white shirt also rolled up until his elbows. They were simple raw leather sandals. Slowly, she drove past them, there, fallen, inert. There was no blood, but the immobility didn’t leave any room to wonder. She continued driving, urging to get home. She passed the turn and entered the little road immediately to its left.

She realized the strange silence, the lack of movement. As she drove down the road, the strangeness grew. Mute, everything was mute, not even the singing birds could be heard. The still air, sultry, increased the light and the afternoon heat. All windows in each of the white houses were open. Ivory curtains flew through them. She continued driving, her breath suspended. She finally arrived at the house at the end of the street. There, the curtains also flew through the windows moved by an inexistent wind. She turned right to get the car in the garage. The gate was already open. She saw, again, on the driveway, the same light dresses, the same khaki pants, the same leather sandals, the same black bodies, fallen, together, in the same position.


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All the faces I've loved

All the faces of men I've loved visit me in the quiet night of my noisy brain All the ones I once loved and came to hate or forget or pretend to have forgotten Lost in the cloud of indifference  I've carefully created
All of them come back  filling the emptiness  of my broken beaten banal heart In this quiet night of my crowded noisy brain
They march firmly towards me
stop and stare Inches away and shoot their questions right between my shortsighted eyes Why? Why not? How much? How little?
They give me no time to answer
They move and vanish like ghosts of the Christmas past Some fierce and revengeful  pass on the judgement they've held in long
You! They shout Too bold! Too coward! Too hot! Too cold! Too little! Too much!
I try to touch a face or another
I remember them Especially the ones I've hidden so well from myself "Hey, look at you!


Quando se é a sombra de uma estrela esparramada sobre o mapa-múndi, cruzando terra e água, longe e perto de sua própria constelação. Quando se está aqui e lá, quando se tem tudo e sempre se quer mais. Quando vão-se os anéis e ficam os dedos e é possível ser "um sem deixar de ser plural". Quando se "vê a linha fina que separa aqui e ali" e, ao vê-la, não se contenta enquanto não a cruza. Quando se quer estar lá e cá e se quer amar, amar, amar.

Menino Guerrilheiro

Arrumando o pequeno escritório, jogando coisas fora, abrindo espaço para iniciar a rotina de trabalho, encontrou os recortes de jornal: "Faleceu sábado de ataque cardíaco fulminante" dizia um deles. Os outros repetiam a história do ataque cardíaco, mas ela sabia, desde aquela época que essa não era a verdade. Líder estudantil do seu tempo foi  expulso da Universidade por ter opinião. Perseguido na cidade, viu roubarem os seus sonhos e resistiu. Seguiu para a Guerrilha do Araguaia, lá foi preso, torturado. Quando ela era criança, não se falava disso. Já adolescente, com a abertura, quando estudava história, ele era mencionado, junto a alguns outros amigos da família "Ele fez parte da Guerrilha. Foi preso, torturado. Até hoje passa por uns períodos de depressão." Nada mais. Toda uma geração traumatizada, não conseguiam muito falar do assunto. Tudo muito recente, talvez. O medo ainda uma sombra, logo ali, a espreitar. Ela imaginava um homem adulto, barbado, preso por…