Monday, October 21, 2013

Into the Blue

Diving into the blue.
Realizing its density,

The fragmenting
and expanding of light.
The movement.
Feeling the fluidity,
The resistance.

The impulse.
Getting to the bottom.
Hearing muffled sounds.
Feeling the desired isolation, the silence.

Focusing on the movements,
Breast, hips, arms and legs,

The rhythm.
The Breathing,
The constant inhaling and exhaling.
Until no more.

The immersed face,
The water in the mouth,
The eyes wide opened.

The color.
The tiles,
The lines between the tiles.

In the bottom, tiny pieces of grass,
Brought by the wind,
Reverberating gently,
The firm and cadenced movements.

The going and coming,
The coming and going,
Until no more.

Just the impulse,
The movement,
The strength.
The placid resistance of the medium.

The burning face.
The breathing,

The air,
The search.
The water,
The return,

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