Tuesday, October 13, 2015

White Flying Feather

Flying feather
Cuts across my drowsy driving. 
White flying feather 
Against Brasília's blue October sky
Disturbs the dryness 
Fights life's forceful  practical purposes

Flying feather
Deep cuts gray threads of dark thoughts
Carrying me to dreamy lands
Of subtle shades of brighter colors

White flying feather
Fierceful softness 
Delicate violence
Holds the answer 
to all the questions I'll never make 

Flying feather
Defies the inert existence
of concreteness
Fluctuating knife 
perforates the flesh 
 of  my contradictions 

White flying feather 
Floats across the windshield
Disappears in the cloudless vastitude
Takes with it the dreamy land 
Leaves me the leaping 
into the drowsiness 
of my own abyss

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