Monday, October 26, 2015

Sex, gender and the arrogant ignorance

She is a woman. She is against feminism. She is against any kind of service rendered specifically to women. She argues they are not necessary. She, of course, has never needed any of them. She believes education would end violence against women. She ignores the fact that many women suffer physical and psychological violence in their own homes, from their own highly educated, sometimes powerful partners. Women in third world countries, women in first world nations, hiding their black eyes under designer sunglasses. 

She is a woman. Protected and lucky, she goes around dictating rules for problems she has  never faced and problems she has decided to overlook. She has no power to change those rules and she is happy to receive the compliments she does from her protected and lucky friends, mostly male. She feels reassured of her wisdom with those compliments. She is so smart!

She mixes up concepts of gender and sex. She becomes annoyed that in a National exam, the Ministry of Education used a feminist basic text on one question. Yes, an old text, basic! Yes, one question! It upsets her! She affirms she is thankful that she is not influenced in any manner, whatsoever, by the thoughts of that particular woman. The thoughts concern the fact that a woman is not a given concept, but a construction. She says she even agrees that people can choose their sex, but she was born a woman and that will never change. 

She is a woman. Confused and scared behind the ignorant arrogance, she probably never read the feminist piece she is intending to deconstruct so misguidedly. She does not grasp the difference between sex and gender and she does not want to. She is happy with the compliments she receives, the ones she gets from her male friends who parade the same arrogant ignorance. The arrogance of those who do not need to read to know. 

She claims not to be influenced by the thoughts of the feminist thinker she demises, but she is the clear sad product of the patriarchal system she chooses to ignore. A sad product that chooses to unite with the winners hoping for a special deference. A nice pet, who bites its own sisters and receives the reward it deserves: "Good girl! Here, have a cookie!"


  1. My dear friend, could you make a translation? The text seems really nice, but i fell... Uma preguiça danada!! ;)))

  2. Traduzirei, Vi! Ainda não tive tempo! Tem vários outros em português! Adorando ter você como leitora!