Monday, July 20, 2015

To a half dead friend

Dear friend, hang on! 
I know you feel half dead. 
Still, hang on! 
I know you are drowning in darkness. 
I know it is hard to breathe. 
Still, my friend, hang on!
I am not telling you, 
my friend,  
not to be afraid,  
not to feel the cold. 

I respect this wave of darkness 
that comes crawling, 
enwraping our bodies, 
suffocating our dreams, 
making us forget 
the purpose of breathing, 
the process of breathing. 

I'm not telling you to be strong. 
You already are.
I'm not asking you to control the monsters,
to kill the seven headed dragon, 
to hold its heart in your hands. 
No, my friend, 
just hang on! 

Baby steps towards light
forceful little movements 
away from the dark.
Every day a small conquest.
Every night a little dream. 

A short walk in the sun
The contemplation of a flower, 
its elaborate simplicity 
The gazing at a single star in the sky, 
proof of our insignificance, 
of our connection with it all

The feel of water on your skin, 
the soothing warm temperature
or its energizing cold
The harmony of a song, 
the beat that makes the heart pound, 
the words that show you are not alone

Do Yoga.
Your body stretching, 
your mind resting for a split of second
Take a hundred photographs 
of the very same thing 
See other angles, 
other sides, other stories

Caress your own hair until you sleep, 
You deserve to be caressed
Be gentle to your half dead soul

Details, my friend! 
Life can resume from details
One brief smile every day

Force yourself 
to be around those who love you,
Do not set deadlines
Do not care for watches or calendars

Ignore the shortcomings 
of those who never met the dark seven headed dragon
Forgive them,
for they do not know!

Remember you are loved! 
I know
To be loved can be a burden 
when you want to let all go
Still, do! 

Remember you're loved
There is a reason it is so
There is light in you!
There is love in you! 
There is life in you!
Hang on, my friend! Hang on! 
And you shall see it too! 

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