Monday, January 27, 2014


She could not sleep. The bed felt just hot. The windows were all opened, but there was no wind. Looking through them you'd think the end of the World had come. The light from the lamp posts illuminated the streets as usual, but there was no movement, no sound. The trees stood still, not a leaf out of place.Nobody driving by, nobody getting out of a car or walking a dog, nothing moved.

She stood up. Her nightgown was soaked. She picked up another one, a lighter one, in the drawer. She put it on and went, barefoot, to the kitchen. Lots of ice and water poured in a large glass. She took big gulps and let the water drip  through the corners of her mouth to her chest. It helped, for a few minutes. 

She sat on the couch, turned on the TV and zapped through the channels. The couch's fabric glued to her body.  She turned off the TV, got up and walked around once more.  She turned the cold water faucet of the bathtub. It felt somewhat warmer. She went back to the kitchen and filled a bucket with ice. She dropped it on the bathtub and got inside it, the lights off. She dozed off for a few minutes. She got out of the tub, put the night gown back on and laid down on the bed, wet, where she finally slept. 

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