Sunday, April 2, 2017

On Poets

Poets cultivate carnivorous plants
I wonder why they do 
Perhaps it is because they don't mind having their finger bitten once in a while
Or maybe they enjoy seeing something eating something else

Poets are funny sad creatures 
They linger on long lost dreams 
They soar above with their light plumb wings 
And tear your skin off with their sharp strong teeth 

Poets are sweet dangerous entities
They fall in love with you 
The details of you 
And the weirdness of you
They see you
Your contours, your shadows
And they make you eternal
Poets take mental notes of your moves
They see when a drop of sauce stains your shirt
They watch when your tongue moisturizes your lips 
When you statter, when you cry, when you tell a lie
They hover above your house
And stare through the bedroom window while you sleep

Poets cover you with the thick blanket of the night 
Poets sing you lullabies
They deeply care 
And deeply don't give a damn 
They use your words, repeat your sentences,
expose your faults, tell your secrets 
They come bite your neck when you're asleep 
and suck your blood until you're dry

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