Friday, September 23, 2016

Snow White

Snow White looks at herself in the mirror and puts on sunscreen. She makes sure she has it on her ears. Last time, she forgot them and spent a week with red burning ears. Snow White walks to the fruit shop. Passed the apple season, which always makes her feel inexplicably nauxious, she  feels reasonably well. Snow White works the whole day as a cashier. When the evening comes, she catches a bus to night school. She studies to be a nurse. "It's easy to get a job!", said one of her aunts. But what she really wanted was to be  a veterinarian. She had always had a way with animals. Snow White saves money. She does not eat anything during class breaks. Midnight, when she gets home, there is a plate of rice and beans saved for her in the fridge. She fries an egg. She eats and passes out. Such a heavy slumber she doesn't even know how she manages to get up the following day. Snow White saves the money from the snacks she doesn't eat at school and dreams to visit a castle in Germany. She saw it once on a magazine. Snow White wakes up for another day. She takes a shower, looks at herself in the mirror and puts on sunscreen. 


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