Sunday, February 7, 2016

The lizard and the delicate winged creature

"What's on your mind?" asked the lizard.
"Worlds are on my mind. Worlds lying beyond this insignificant place of ours." Replied the little delicate creature. 
"And what would you do if you could reach them?" inquired still the reptile. 
"I would sunk my teeth deep on each one of them. I'd live more than a thousand lives. I 'd dive into all my passions and follow on every whim." answered the seemingly frail winged animal. 

The lizard smirked: "But you don't even have teeth, silly ignoble dreamer!" 
"Be certain, I would grow some!"  Retorted the creature, turning around and resolutely flapping  its wings in the direction of the silvery shining sky. 

The lizard remained still, its cold blood even colder, its eyes, static, staring at the imenseness above. The creature, it never saw it again. But now, the lonely lizard could not help, it could not control, it could not resist. While standing on its rock, feeling the Sun on its skin, it, too, contemplated worlds.

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