Friday, June 5, 2015

To you who think I shouldn't

You might find the words too simple 
Topics excessively mundane
You may question the hability
You may wonder about the skills

The fact is 
one cannot be but oneself
And that door, once locked, was opened
And the life, once shut out, marched in

The world expanded 
Hues and shades that never were
All the lights more intense
Every sound more profound
Each of feelings more acute

I might not grasp it all
I might not see it so clear 
I might not dig the deepest
But there's no avoiding
There's no preventing 

There's no redemption, 
But to keep on going 
To keep on searching
To keep on digging
So, forgive the shortcomings,
Or else yet, look away
For the better
For the worse
I am 
I will 
My voice is here to stay

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