Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The little things

The path is the same, it seems. The same! But the little things, they change each day. Since I opened my eyes I can see the little things.That does not mean that I see them since I was born. That's not what I'm saying! They have been there, I know, but I did not see them, the little things. I see them now and it took a long journey, a long and difficult crossing, to see the little things along the path. 

I've walked this path every day for a while now. I had walked it before, occasionally. But I did not see the little things then. I'm sure they were there and I stepped on them, probably crushed and even killed a few, but I did not see them. 

My mother, I think, when she was around, saw the little things and tried to show them to me, but I did not see them. There was no time for the little things then. I was in a hurry, I had things to do, I was angry, I ran fast. No time for the little things. She found them on the air, up above, usually. The trees, the flowers, the birds, the skies... They can be anywhere. Now, I know. 

I appreciate what she tried to do, my mom. But there is a time for each one of us. And, then, it was her time, not mine. Her time to see the little things, to appreciate them, to savour them. Now it is mine. They are not up above, the little things I see. They are mostly on the ground, scattered, simple and beautiful. 

It was only when my heart expanded and I opened my eyes that I could see them on the same path I've walked every day. They are bright, luminous and shiny. They are leaves, green, new, brown, dead, dry... They are seeds and flowers, buds, blooming, dying, dead, colourful, alive... They are ants, working hard, determined, carrying the weight of the world, diligently, faithfully... 

They make me happy, the little things. They show me beauty, delicacy, impermanence, hope. The wind brings them, man sweeps them away. They come back the other day, they insist on their right to exist. 

They are there for everyone to see. They are there on the path, along the way. You may see them too when you make your journey, when you cross your thresholds, when your heart expands and you open your eyes. You may see them, the little things, and may they bring you happiness too. 

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