Sunday, May 24, 2015


The little boy did not want to be her friend anymore. That was the thing! He just did not want to play with her. She told her mom. Moms are the only ones who understand those things. "Did he tell you he doesn't want to be your friend?", she asked. "Yes." A big fat tear formed and was dripping from the corner of her eye. "He doesn't want to play with me anymore." The mom caressed her hair. Why doesn't he like me mom?" Tears continued falling, one fat one after the other. It impressed the mom how tears could be so heavy and fat. She was silent. "Well, if he doesn't want to play with you, there is nothing you can do, sweetie!" 

The little girl raised her head and her big brown eyes starred at her mom. She could see the despair in them. "Despair... How could that be? So young!" Yet, there it was! She recognized it. 
- You can play with your other friends! You have so many friends! You have so many people who love you! 
- But why doesn't he want to play with me, mom? Why? 
She sobbed a little and the mom was quiet again. "Why? Isn't that always the question? Will there ever be an answer to this question?" But she was the mom, she had to say something. 
You know, if you play with your other friends, if you just forget about him for a while, I'm sure with time he will realize what a good friend you are and he will certainly want to play with you again!
- You think so?
-  I do! I think so!

The mom dried up the girl's tears and held her in her arms for a while. "Little kids can be cruel.", she thought to herself while she tucked her little girl in bed and kissed her good night: "It will be alright, sweetie!" And she reflected upon her adult life, the choices she had to make, the things she did not get to choose, the lovers that walked away, the losses she had to endure, stuff she could only accept and understand as a part of life. She looked at the little girl who had fallen asleep and hoped this was not going to be her first heartbreak. A fat tear clouded her sight and fell through the corner of her eye.

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