Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Let's compensate
sadness and frustration
with food
Let's have them melt
in a blue cheese tagliatelle

Let's have a drink
to wash away
the annoyance
the grievance

A glass of red wine 
In small sips
to remind us 
there is no need to hurry 
We are all moving 
towards the same end, anyway

Let's have dessert! 
A big slice of lemon pie
Let's remind ourselves
the bitter can highlight the sweet

Let's have the pie 
Big chunks of it, big bites
Lots of merengue on top 
will remind us
we should always
taste more of the sweet

Let's not give a fuck about
dieting, restrictions,
judgement, self control 
Let's indulge ourselves
Let's indulge

Let's have a cup of coffee 
Dark and strong,
No cream, no milk 
Let's wake up 
And never
fall asleep again

Let's skip the damn bill
And run away
from the restaurant 
Or just 

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