Monday, March 23, 2015

The Restless Mind, The Unquiet Soul

She was an unquiet soul
He had a restless mind
She jumped off cliffs,
diving into dark waters 
He looked at the world, 
through the window, 
gazing at the stars. 

She longed 
for the speed of the light
He ran 
as fast as he could
And went back 
to where it started

She dared.
Still, she carried 
the weight of the world
And she cared

He was calm 
as the waters of a lake, 
yet violent 
as the tempests 
in open waters

She shared 
the brightness 
of the stars 
and the darkness 
of the night

They may have been
the perfect match
But, they've never met, 
they've never touched
The restless mind, 
The unquiet soul

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