Monday, March 9, 2015

On finding out a spider had my name

After having heard my name, the little girl told me they once had found a spider at home  and had named it Lorena. "What an annoying girl!", I thought. Nevertheless, the unpleasant, unasked for, piece of information made me wonder. Why would it make me so upset to have my name used to name such a creature? "Better than a dog", my own second thought surprised me! Still, the feeling resonated the truth in me. 

Realizing the risk of finding myself hated by all the dog loving community of the world, I feel I may need to clarify that I don't dislike dogs in particular. I must admit, however, to finding  no great connection between myself and them. A dog is a symbol of domesticity, of joyful existence in submission to other's designs, the creature on which one projects one's, at times, selfish and arrogant self, with no concern for rejection, but the actual expectation of forever unconditional love. 

 I came to the conclusion then that I'd really rather find my name on a spider. Deemed ugly and scary, it goes about its own spider businesses, solely responsible for the weaving of its own web, a web that is both delicate and strong, that catches and immobilizes other intruding creatures. It may be ugly and scary, but it walks its own paths with independence and pride. It is, the spider, free to be.

Créditos da foto: Marina Montenegro Mascarenhas

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