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To the Fairy with the Heavy Heart

Dear Fairy with the Heavy Heart,

I had you on my mind today. You and your sad eyes, your disappointments and your shattered fairy dreams. The lightness of your wings wasted due to this burden you still carry in your heart. How are you, dear Fairy? Hope you have found some new dreams, hope you have seen different lights and colors, hope you are still aiming to fly high. 

Today, sweet Fairy, I found a gift for you. Gifts, dear Fairy, do not solve all our troubles, do not save us from darkness. But some gifts when they are meant to be ours can bring joy, can bring the hope of joy. I'm sure you know this, dear Fairy, 'cause fairies, even the ones with the heavy hearts do know of love and gifts.  Aren't the fairies the ones bringing princesses the gifts of beauty, love and grace? 

I found a gift for you, dear Fairy. I found it while I walked to work today, while I thought of unpaid bills and unfinished projects. It was there among the little things scattered along the way. The little things never fail, dear Fairy. And today, it was there, a gift for you. 

A dress, dear Fairy. I found a dress for you! You may be thinking, sweet Fairy, why you would need this dress. And you're right! You don't! You don't need it as you don't need the moon in the sky to look at, the stars shining bright when the moon isn't there. You don't need it, like you don't need songs and books, stories and poetry, colours and flavors or memories that make you cry and smile all at once. You don't need it, yet you do! Let me tell you about it and remember, dear Fairy, it's a gift: My gift to you.   

Let's just talk about the dress, dear Fairy, the dress which is my gift to you. It has a strapless green top that can leave your wings free when you decide to fly away, when you decide it's finally time to leave your sorrows behind. It is the green of new leaves, of green grass in the early hours of the morning.  It will look marvelous on you! The skirt, dear Fairy,  is yet another thing completely. Light and delicate! It's simply dreamy! The white petals and the rosy veins, the movement of it,  I can almost see you dancing around in it, when you decide, dear Fairy that is time to be free, that it's time to be happy again. 

I am sure, dear Fairy, that  it would seem close to nothing to the eyes of the bypassers, but to you, dear Fairy, I'm sure it will fit perfectly. What a beautiful gown you'll have! You can wear it to dance under the moonlight. You can wear it for a walk under the Sun. You can wear it to remind you of the beauty in the world of the love you once felt, of the hopes you once had. You can wear it to remind yourself that it is all still there, that you can find it all inside you, that you can dance and you can dream, when you welcome a gift and you understand that it is just for you, that it fits only you, that it's as beautiful as you. 

Dear Fairy with the heavy heart, I found this dress for you today and I hope you will have it. Wear it when searching for the lost lightness, for the lost joy, for the brightness and colours you once saw in the world. Let this little thing be the first step, a dancing step into the light, once again. 




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