Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sail away on paper boats

Say no to crocodiles and bad dreams.Say no to oily French fries and  people who tell not what they mean. Say no to liposuction and a 20 day recovery. Say no to shopping malls and closed doors. Say no to invisible elephants, they occupy the same space. Say no to plants that insist in dying and friends that insist in disappearing. Say no to conquistadors. They extinguished civilizations. Say no to straight lines and squared rooms. Say no to puppeteers and clowns that scare your children. Say no to unfair deals and to sucking blood vampires

Say yes to walks in the park and a day out in the sun. And to letters making up words, forming up sentences, composing light. Say yes to blooming fields and pictures of happy families.Say yes to the crying child behind the happy picture and buy her a pink baloon. 

Say yes to what rhymes and what sounds soft and sweet to your ears, things like "sudden serendipity"  
or  "silvery threads of thoughts" and "glimmering golden dreams".Say yes to memories of your grandparents' living room, with old record players and cristal glasses on the shelves. Say yes to the smell of those memories.

Say yes to images that seem banal, but carry your poetry within. Say yes to those who cover themselves in moonlight and dance naked among the stars. And to the ones carrying Chinese lanterns and preparing their paper boats to rescue you from the big flood. Prepare yourself your paper boat. Fill it up with your most treasured insane dreams and sail away, before you drown, in the direction of the Northern Star. 

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