Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Where flowers bloom

Here I go again
To a place I once was happy
To where I felt alive 
To where I knew I was free 

This place 
Where thoughts are new
Where light shines brighter 
Music surrounds you 
And life expands 
Beyond its limitations
Regardless of temptations

I'll sip coffee 
I'll drink wine 
I'll dive deep 
I was happy in this place
I will contemplate youth's face

I will knit joy with thick threads of hope
I will stride down its roads
A thousand dreams
Floating in and out of my mind

I will fluctuate
I'll soar
And at night I'll go to bed 
Peaceful, I will be,
Silent, in a room 
And I'll gaze through the window 
At this place where flowers bloom

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