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Message to a longing soul

Learn to deal with your own boredom. You are not allowed in the playground anymore. You've grown up! Your legs don't fit inside the toys and the rides are no longer as exciting. Deal with your tedious moments. Struggle not to fall into old habits, not to fall for deceptively easy temptations. Focus on your movement, the deep diving into your soul, into your needs and dreams. Take time into your hands. Use it well! Stare at the skies, the stars, but also the dark intervals between them, the trees, the leaves, dead, alive, their hues, their importance in the scheme of Nature. 

Do not underestimate the importance of what is dead, or dying, but do not let it consume you. Appreciate life, beginning to end! Take pauses, when you need. Do not impose a different pace then your heartbeats'.  Daydream, because you must. Make plans! Hope! Remember who you are! Be there, with you, each step of the way. Find out what you're not. 

Submerge your amphibious self, feed from the peace you find in blue waters. Open your eyes underneath the massiveness of the light aqueous environment. Breathe! Contemplate the silvery waving lines, the little bubbles you let out on your comings and goings. Those little things are what keep you alive. Feel the strength of your body and mind. Understand and respect their limitations, appreciate the beauty in their possibilities.   

Never do what is expected because it's expected. Never hide your happiness fearing evil eyes, evil forces. Believe in the immenseness of good! Understand human shortcomings, yours and others'. Beware of negativity, yours and others'. Respect it! Do not neglect it, but do not hide from it, do not fear it. You know even the Moon has a dark side. Be greater, be generous, make the bad things look smaller in face of all the rest. Use this knowledge of it all towards understanding and tolerance. Surround yourself with music, light and love, but do not ignore the darkness. Do not pretend it's not there! 

Take leaps, take risks! Think, feel, take pictures, write! Dive into yourself! Get to know your dreams! Respect your feelings, your fears, your exhaustion. Take small steps, when you feel it's what you can do. Rejoice with your small achievements. Take large strides when you feel like it and have fun with the wind on your hair. If you stumble somewhere, laugh! Tell a friend the story and laugh together! Laugh again, by yourself! However, if you fall from too high, make sure you do cry! As much as you can, as long as you need. Listen not to the voices that call you weak. Feel what you must feel! 

Live your life! Make your rules! Do not go back to the same rides, to the old toys which no longer bear you! Look at them as what they are! Moments of happiness that stayed in the past. Conquests, achievements and understandings you simply need no more. Things you've outgrown. Let go of old habits, old demands, old unfulfilled dreams! 
Dream new dreams! 
Be free!


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All the faces I've loved

All the faces of men I've loved visit me in the quiet night of my noisy brain All the ones I once loved and came to hate or forget or pretend to have forgotten Lost in the cloud of indifference  I've carefully created
All of them come back  filling the emptiness  of my broken beaten banal heart In this quiet night of my crowded noisy brain
They march firmly towards me
stop and stare Inches away and shoot their questions right between my shortsighted eyes Why? Why not? How much? How little?
They give me no time to answer
They move and vanish like ghosts of the Christmas past Some fierce and revengeful  pass on the judgement they've held in long
You! They shout Too bold! Too coward! Too hot! Too cold! Too little! Too much!
I try to touch a face or another
I remember them Especially the ones I've hidden so well from myself "Hey, look at you!


Quando se é a sombra de uma estrela esparramada sobre o mapa-múndi, cruzando terra e água, longe e perto de sua própria constelação. Quando se está aqui e lá, quando se tem tudo e sempre se quer mais. Quando vão-se os anéis e ficam os dedos e é possível ser "um sem deixar de ser plural". Quando se "vê a linha fina que separa aqui e ali" e, ao vê-la, não se contenta enquanto não a cruza. Quando se quer estar lá e cá e se quer amar, amar, amar.

Menino Guerrilheiro

Arrumando o pequeno escritório, jogando coisas fora, abrindo espaço para iniciar a rotina de trabalho, encontrou os recortes de jornal: "Faleceu sábado de ataque cardíaco fulminante" dizia um deles. Os outros repetiam a história do ataque cardíaco, mas ela sabia, desde aquela época que essa não era a verdade. Líder estudantil do seu tempo foi  expulso da Universidade por ter opinião. Perseguido na cidade, viu roubarem os seus sonhos e resistiu. Seguiu para a Guerrilha do Araguaia, lá foi preso, torturado. Quando ela era criança, não se falava disso. Já adolescente, com a abertura, quando estudava história, ele era mencionado, junto a alguns outros amigos da família "Ele fez parte da Guerrilha. Foi preso, torturado. Até hoje passa por uns períodos de depressão." Nada mais. Toda uma geração traumatizada, não conseguiam muito falar do assunto. Tudo muito recente, talvez. O medo ainda uma sombra, logo ali, a espreitar. Ela imaginava um homem adulto, barbado, preso por…