Sunday, November 29, 2015

A romantic's reflection on a pop love song or Does it matter where they go?

"Where do broken hearts go?" 
Painful pop love song 
Adds to nothing
Solves nothing
"Where" may not be the question, 
but do they ever come back? 

Love songs solve nothing
Drag you deep into the darkness 
Of your own disillusion 
The dream of every romantic soul 
To die from loving 
Too much

Who wants it? 
Fool starving romantics
In a world of Black Fridays 
Dropping dead like flies 
Dying from longing
Too much 

So work the practical alchemy 
Of changing love into gold
Of sublimating its dark mass
Of polishing its infinite flaws
Still, will they ever return? 
Will they ever come back? 
The golden broken hearts of our pitiful despair? 

And if you'd like to be dragged in still:

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