Monday, December 29, 2014

The story of a fish

Once upon a time there was a fish who wished to live out of the sea. It admired the birds flying in the skies and dreamt. "One should accept what is possible" said the other fish. Still, it dreamt, with its big fish eyes. It spent the days observing the interesting forms of those other creatures to whom it had been offered the greatest prize, the skies.

One day, the sun was shining on the water, in thousands of little silver pieces and the fish, almost on the surface, longing for what it did not have, saw one of the creatures cross its limits, diving in high speed and returning fast into the blue sky. "Oh! how unfair!" Why could that creature have so much? Why would I have so little? No, it would no longer conform with that, it would no more accept such limitations. 

It thought the whole night, with its fish brain and, in the new morning, it swam to the pier. It used all its strength and leaped. For one second, it contemplated the sky without the distortion of its aqueous environment. "Truly beautiful!" And it struggled, gasped, suffocated, in that excess of air. Powerless, the fish understood  that what it wanted the most was going to be its undoing. It resigned to waiting. "Just a little more!"

Practically exhausted, it felt its body being thrown into the air. By the hands of an enormous, never seen before, creature, it flew back to the ocean. When criticized, it would say: "At least I flew!" It never swam to the pier again. Deep inside, it conformed, it seemed quieter. The other fish were relieved. The fish, however, eternal dreamer, would still swim close to the surface, still admiring the birds diving into the ocean. Until, one day, one of them carried it away. 

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