Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When I had faith

When I had faith I contemplated the stars with dreamy eyes.
waited weeks for a letter that would save my life or kill me instantly. 
I believed in love songs and wedding gowns. 
went to the theater and watched movies as messages sent from the Gods. 

When I had faith I believed pregnancies bore no pain. 
I believed in doctors and medicine. I believed babies never died and mothers were always alive. 
I believed in Justice, not men's justice, but God's. 
The first, I truly never believed. 

I believed good poetry could come out of sunshine, flowers and blue skies. 
I believed you always knew why and when you lied. 
I believed in moonlight. 
I believed in rhyme, when I had faith. 

Now, most of it is ever gone. 
Most of it is lost in time. 
But the rhyme, the stars, the love songs, the Sun, the sky. 
Well, perhaps, just perhaps, I still might. 

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